Flew down to LA on Sunday morning. Easy flight, great tailwind, ended up arriving a good half hour early. YAY for short flights! A driver was scheduled to pick me up and I was thrilled to find out I had the same driver this time as last; Carlos. I LOVE Carlos. He is a careful but quick driver. I never get the least bit sick in his car, and that man can sure hold a conversation! Interesting fact; there is an oil drilling machine just off the football field of the high school near his house. Huh.

Anyway. Dropped my bags at the LeMontrose in West Hollywood and was promptly tossed into the car by the lovely Casey, an on-line surrofriend. She had another surro Stacy with her ,and the three of us went to pickup P-Daddy. We ended up in a lovely cafe for brunch along with the wonderful Kari and her IF’s. Stacy and Kari had transferred on Friday and were on their way home. It was so wonderful to see them all, and WOW the estrogen at that table!

Monday was the day.
P-Daddy and I were both very nervous about the fertilization report; the odds were against us. Imagine our surprise to learn that not only did all eight continue on their merry little way, but 2 of the eight were A+ quality, and 5 of the others were expected to reach the ultimate perfection that is A+ by the following day, when they would be frozen. The relief in that room was immense. Thrilled.

So here they are; the lucky two that we happily transferred Monday morning.
Hopefully ready to snuggle in ( well, one of them, preferably) and make themselves at home for the next… oh… 38 weeks.
Yes, those are oven mitts on the transfer table stirrups. No, i don’t know why. But my feet appreciated them just the same.

I did all of the good-luck rituals I could think of. Green clothing? Check.
Not one but TWO desserts? Check.
French fries? Check.
Pineapple? Check.
Spend quality time with an intended father willing to go the distance to keep me happy during my enforced 36 hours of bed-rest? Including and not limited to schlepping his laptop all over the city for my amusement and…. gifting himself with a minor concussion? Check.
Not pictured? The amazing good luck bracelet loaned to me by a fellow sassy surrogate and the POUNDS of cookies P-Daddy got for me from Trader Joes, also a good luck omen.
It was a good trip. It will be a great trip as soon as I see double. Soon, I’m sure. In the mean time, it was just plain awesome getting to spend those days with P-Daddy. I’ll never forget it.

Three days. In three days, nothing in my house is safe; I will be peeing on everything. You never know what will give you that positive result! And POSITIVE, it will be!