Well. Our lovely egg donor went from having 30 potential follicles to having 19… then come retrieval day (yesterday) she only had 10. Today we got the prelim fertilization report and of those 10, 8 “took”.

Eight sounds like plenty. Heck, that’s 7 more then most women produce on a normal cycle! But this wasn’t a normal cycle. And that number is low. If we look at the stats, we can only expect it to get lower.

Four. Fingers crossed for at least a 50% success rate. We need 4 to be good and make it to blast. That’s two for this attempt, and two to save for a few years down the road when a sibling project happens.

We could use all the good vibes you’ve got to spare. Things are looking a wee bit glum… at this point last time, we had 10.

And ended up with two.

Which resulted in………. none.