Date is set: Monday, the 28th. I’ll fly in Sunday night and fly home Tuesday morning. Our lovely egg donor has 19 very promising looking follicles, but won’t go in for retrieval and an official count until the 23rd.

You just did the math. That means we’re transferring BLASTS, and not 3-day embryos. YAY for peeing sooner, CRAP DANG for the transfer of more then one.


A calculated risk, but still.

And the icing on my estrogen enhanced and incredibly pissy cake is this: two of my surrogate friends are also doing a transfer at the same time. We all started E2V at the same time. Our donors all started their meds at the same time. And THEY transfer on Friday. Friday. There will be two surrogates transferring, two surrogates coming in to visit, and P-Daddy all hanging out and having a fun transfer get-together. And when everyone goes home I fly in.  Damn it. I KNOW how pathetic it is of me to be frustrated over that. I fully blame it on the meds, because I am irrationally pissed. But I was really looking forward to meeting everyone. And really looking forward to being part of the “party” before and during the transfer. And now I’ll just be there for the hangover. The “fun” will be over, P-Daddy will just be looking forward to going home, and my surro friends will all be back in their living rooms with their feet up talking about all the fun they had on their transfer trip. Not only transfer, but meeting other Sassies Surros! Yay and way fun! :pouts:

Yes, that completely misses the point. We have eggs! And more then likely a count higher then two! And we’re going in for TRANSFER! To make a BABY! And all of that is super exciting and fun and wonderful and magical and just what I’ve been looking forward to!  It is the ultimate dessert.

But I wanted the sprinkles on top, too! :stamps foot, whines:

I will get over it. I have been SO bitchy this week, the estrogen has really started to take it’s toll on me.  My last “girls night out” before a 10 month pregnancy really fizzled, we’ve just moved, our cat may have a hip problem, my husband just bought “me” a laser printer/scanner/fax ( Fax? really? we don’t even have a phone line. And when was the last time I needed a printer for anything other then pictures.. which a laser can’t do) for my early Mothers day present with imaginary surplus funds, and twice in the last week we’ve gotten cheater-dinner from fast food restaurants, and BOTH TIMES they have managed to completely f’ up my order. Just mine though. The kids and DH’s are always good.  This is just one more little insignificant thing that is bugging me that I’ll just deal with and laugh about later.

OK look. I know I am being petty. It’s like PMS times a thousand. But damn.

Really though,  I AM super excited about transfer. I’m so glad we have a date, and that so far this cycle for our donor will be a good one and we’ll get some good eggs to work with. I am excited, I swear! If I could just get over this stupid chemically-induced funk I’m in, I’d be able to articulate how excited for this transfer!


Looking forward to some progesterone on the 24th to even out this hormonal roller-coaster.