Well here we are again! It’s time for that first E2V of this, our last cycle ( hopefully!!). It was like putting on an old pair of shoes. I got out the heating pad, prepped my syringe..

And we’re now officially back in the saddle again. I have cut out most caffeine from my diet, I’m working out regularly, drinking a lot of water… this will be THE time. Taking no chances. I’ve been on prenatals religously since the loss, have upped the iron in my diet.. This is it! I continue E2V ( estrogen) for another 2 weeks, then start daily progesterone when the egg donor goes in for retrieval. NOT looking forward to those daily shots. I’m still feeling them from our last cycle! But I’m excited just the same. You? Are you excited too??


One things for sure. I’m definately getting a manicure before the next photo!