The Plan: Birth control till the first, then happily inject my E2V lovin’ arse every 3 days starting April 5th. Get lining check on the 17th. Daily progesterone poking orgy starts around the 18th. If all goes as planned… hop onto the twitchiest direct flight to L.A. all month on the 24th, 25th or 26th and grab a baby to grow!!

 This trip is already looking to be awesome, in every way. A pile of ladies from an online support forum are all transferring at the same time, so there should be a good handfull of us at the hotel with our feet up together! Poor P-Daddy!! The lone man amongst the estrogen-enhanced. Things are also a little bit different in that this time. We’ll be transferring 3 day embryos, and TWO of them ( unlike the single 5 day blast we transferred last time). That will make things interesting! Not only is there the TWO issue to be all nervous/excited ( whatever) about, we’re transferring 3 day embies. This means it will be a FULL WEEK before I can safely start peeing on things at random ( pregnancy tests being the goal, but whatever). A week that will, I’m sure, feel like an eternity. I only needed to wait 5 days last time and even then was hounded ( *ahem*) to start earlier.  (Not that I wasn’t already.)

Areeeee Youuuuu READY??