We Have. A transfer date!!!!!!!

 Well, a transfer week, anyway. Last week in April! Whoop! I start injections on April 5th and continue on till wee little baby is 10 weeks cooked ( maybe longer, because of the previous… time-line).

SUCH a relief. Yes, it’s a looooong way away.. but at least we officially have a “next step” to this whole messy process! AND! ( there’s always an “and” with me, isn’t there?) P-Daddy will be there! For a fresh transfer! YAY!!!!! I am SO excited to get to play with him for a few days, to veg in the super-comfy Hilton beds ( can we request a room with a balcony this time? If I have to sit still for 2 days I’d love the option of sitting out in the fresh air!) and to sleep all I want, all the while hanging out with the fab P-Daddy! SO so so looking forward to this! ALL positives, folks. No one is allowed to be anxious or nervous. Keep the chi on the up and up, OK?

Can’t believe I’m saying this ( since my arse is STILL sore in spots from PIO..) but I can NOT wait for April 5th! An actual ACTION starting this journey!!!

And now off on a different subject.. what do y’all think of the password protection? I thrive on feedback and I really don’t get much when the site is all locked down. Should I get rid of it? Say a big happy F-YOU!! to those that may lurk in an ugly and dark alley manner? Just protect those posts that are somewhat intimate and detailed ( pics, big emotions, etc.)? FEEDBACK, please!!