Life has become a practice in patience. Wait……. wait……… wait……….. HURRY UP!!!…. and wait.

“Our” egg donor is the current issue. We have one wee little frozen blast that hasn’t been given very good odds so we need a fresh donation.. but our donor is… stalling? Or the agency is stalling? No one seems to have a clear answer other then that P-Daddy should hand over another pile of money. The ED does not want to cycle and monitor in LA this time. She wants to do so locally, which will cost quite a few additional pennies to do. There is a second choice but “we’re” not getting any quick answers about availability. Come to think of it, I don’t think we have that info about the original ED either?

COME ON, People! Get your heads out of your……. Well, wake up, anyway. We’ve got some baby making to do here and you certainly aren’t helping!