“Specimine failed to grow in culture. No further testing possible.”

Happy Birthday, Beyotch. ( um yah. that was today also. Hows that for some icing, huh? )

So we have an answer. And the answer we have is…… we have no answer. No growth in culture means no Karyotype results, which means I have no effing clue what will happen next. The donor was supposed to be ready to cycle again in March, I’m on BCP in prep for another cycle, but it’s hands in the air! as far as knowledge of that ever elusive “next step” goes.

Side note for those of you paying close enough attention to claim stalker status: My sturdy uterine lining grew to an incredible 1.2cm in thickness!! Hows that for a WOW factor???!!


 Do you know how thick YOUR uterine lining gets??? Pshhhht.