Had my 2 week D&C checkup today which was more like a fun conversation with a buddy then a stressful embarrassing OB moment. I am just so pleasantly pleased at how my OB chooses to approach things!

Physically, find and dandy. Things are back to pre-hormone normal. Looking good ( well, actually couldn’t say how things look, since my angle was all wrong… ha ha. It’s a joke, people!)

Emotionally, somewhat fine as well! I’m past the loss stage. That pregnancy is over and while the end is sad, it was an experience I’m grateful for having. No, not grateful that I had to lose a child, no matter whose child it was. But grateful to have learned what I did about my support system; friends and family in real life and in the computer, as well as in the medical profession. Optimistic hag that I am, I’m looking for and have found the silver lining. I really do have a great group of people around me, and I have a medical staff that I can trust all the way. Those are both good things to know. There are still those lingering “failure” whispers in my ear..but I’ll just speak loudly and hum a lot to drown them out. I know I didn’t do anything wrong. I know it. So there’s nothing more to be said there.

We also went over the issue of the tissue. While a lot of tissue ( and I mean a lot) was collected, it was almost completely my tissue. There were some fetal villi and maybe a tiny bit of placenta, but the rest had kind of gone the way nature intended and dissolved. This means that the results of the Karyotype testing will more then likely be inconclusive. Because the samples were so small chances are my genetics will be tested rather then the child’s. We will get the full Karyotpye report in 2 or so weeks. Until then, I’m in limbo. P-Daddy may need to go with a new surrogate at the urging of our RE, but we won’t know how our RE feels till the results are in.. so we wait.

Much thumb twiddling happening. And while twiddling can be fun.. after a few weeks it just causes cramps. Really, who likes cramps? Must take up toe-tapping……..