So here we are, on the other side. An update-ish posty post for those following along.

We’re waiting for the test results. That will be in 4 to 6 weeks. Ick. I hate waiting. Those results will determine the next step for me, but I’m gonna play pretend right now and give some “hopefully” predictions.

We need to wait for me to have two normal cycles before I can cycle again for another IVF round. So 8 to 10-ish weeks from now I’ll be ready to try again. In the mean time, I believe ( and correct me if I’m wrong!) P-Daddy has decided to have a fresh donor cycle as well, hopefully with the same donor ( again, depending on the test results) or with a new one. That gives me relief. I was worried about the time and emotion put out there for each cycle, and cycling with just one “kind of OK” frozen embie made me nervous. Fresh is best! I also think ( yes, correct me, etc. ) that P-Daddy has decided to go ahead and transfer 2 for his next cycle. Really ups his chances of a healthy wee one, with the additional nerve wracking possibility of twins.  I’m not worried about carrying two and, while it will be HELL for the first year, I really think P-Daddy, with the awesome support system he has in place, will survive two as well. A risk worth taking.

So that is where we are. Waiting. Planning. Healing. There is sunshine on the horizon and damn it if I’m not running in that direction. Lets just hope I don’t trip over my own feet, shall we?