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See? See what happened? I got all cocky. All full of myself. The Gods of pregnancy saw me bragging all over the whole Internet about my lack of pregnancy woes and said to themselves “Well we can’t have THAT!” and fixed me good.

Am worlds biggest asshole.

So I get this wicked bad heartburn. Not fun, but normal compared to my other pregnancies. Just something I deal with, right? Heartburn gets bad, kind of makes me cough!

And then I throw up.

Which, you know, is fun. SO fun, in fact, that it happens again! And again! So this is me, stuffing back acid coughs all day.

Hi. How do you do.

So not so much with the “morning sickness” ( whose stupid idea was that name, anyway? I know of no barfing pregnant woman whose visits to the throne are limited to morning times..) but a lot with the throwing up. Yay. Just what I wanted for Christmas.

See?? See what happens? Let this be a warning to you: things going good? LIE!! Tell people it’s the WORST thing you’ve ever experienced! Because if you don’t? The pregnancy Gods will hear you and you’ll find yourself spitting up on your children, rather then the other way around.

 Note to self: Add extra strength TUMS to next grocery list….

 9 weeks down, 31 to go