Had another ultrasound this morning, as well as my “getting to know you” pregnancy confirmation appointment with my regular OB this afternoon.

Wee little one is looking great, very Gummy Bear-ish. Wiggled quite a bit and is measuring right on target: 8 weeks 1 day. Heart-rate was a strong steady 171 bpm. My visit with my OB was surprisingly good. He’s worked with several surrogates before, it turns out ( all of them having LGBT IP’s, by the way) and was actually very confident we’d get the great pregnancy and birth I’d envisioned. I was worried about the horror stories I’ve heard: hospital staff going to the extreme, either VERY protective of the IP’s and therefore treating the surrogate like the hunk of meat in the room that pops out the child.. or VERY protective of the surrogate, ignoring or treating the IP’s like nuisances. No no no. No. I was pushing ( and pushy, sorry) for a Birthing Center birth because I am simply scared of either of those possibilities. Turns out I don’t need to worry. My OB and I seem to be on the same page about this, and he is more then happy to make detailed notes for the nursing staff to follow regarding our care.

So, the short sweet update is: Normal, folks! Things look great and positively normal.